I’m an Aunt! Meet Bennett Gibbs

Katie and Steve's wedding on Oct. 20, 2007 at the Sheraton in Towson, Md.

There are many milestones in one’s life.  Looking back on my viva so far, I’d say my big milestones were first day of public school (public high school was terrifying), first field hockey goal I ever scored, first homecoming and prom, first car (1998 silver Honda Accord with a sunroof most importantly), moving day at the University of Maryland, my brother’s wedding day (my family’s big dance, my first bridesmaid wedding, gaining a sister), my college graduation day, my move to San Diego, and the day I became an aunt.  TODAY.Meet 8.6 lbs and 20 inches long Baby Bennett Gibbs, the newest addition the Roenick clan.

This baby is born a big deal.  How do I know this?  Well, it is holiday-heavy.  It’s not any old regular hump day baby. Nooo, noo.  This baby was conceived on Valentine’s Day, the celebration of romantical love.  In addition, I was informed of my aunt-hood on Easter Sunday, the Sabbaths of all Sabbaths.  In addition, originally, the first due date was Jimbo’s birthday too, November 9th.  Finally, in October, the doctor changed the due date to October 24th, but said if the baby doesn’t arrive by November 1st, we will induce you, he told Katie.  When I got wind of this holy and magical news, that the baby would be born 11.1.11., I told Katie we didn’t have to bother with a Baptism because the bebe would be born a saint if born on All Saints Day. I was obviously just kidding, but Katie reassured me that immediately after the birth, the canonization process would commence.  Plus, with all those “1”s, I knew this baby would be a natural-born winner.  I did not realize that the baby would also be born as an innate Skins fan…

Bennett Gibbs Roenick fell from the heavens and slide from Katie’s body simultaneously at 6:12 p.m. tonight.  No one knew the sex of the little nugget until tonight, but I had numerous bets it was going to be a boy (I’m a gambling man nowadays because of Kris and Antol’s sports betting rivalries).  Because of my unemployement status, don’t worry, I wagered crackers and hummus, not my withering wallet, and oh man,  will I be rolling in some Pine Nut Hummus for a few weeks!  But, I just had that aunt’s feeling, you know?  That feeling may just be bologna, but it felt right to me, Aunt Jessica, or Jess-ka, as I was called my whole life by my brothers, Katie, friends, and soon Bennett because that ‘ica’ sound is hard to hack.

Steve, Katie, Me, Slick and Mia (Slick's lover). Steve's shirt says "2011 Dad to be" and Katie's shirt matches the theme with "Babe" pointed up at her and "Baby" pointed down at her belly. I am looking my usual relentless in a Ravens tee. Slick and Mia just look seasoned and styled in patterned tops. June 2011 photo by Jimbo

Myrtle Beach family photo July 2010. Now we have Bennett to add from now on!

Katie’s family is hard-core Ravens fans, along with my mom’s side of the family, the Italian, Baltimore side.  My dad’s side of the family, the DC area based Roenicks, are diehard Skins fans.  Both sides have season ticket holders and feverish tempers for their teams.  Despite having Roy Helu for a few weeks on my fantasy football team (Team Big Ass TDs as I’m the only girl in a 10 bro league), I do not really like the Skins that much (but this baby might change that.)

Lee Evans of the Baltimore Ravens and uhhh some Washington Redskin player. Like I said, I don't know much about them.

I can recite the roster of Baltimore better than the Skins as I’ve only been to Ravens’ games and enjoy watching them play.  Plus,  I  just generally love Baltimore more than DC (why be less when you can b-more?), so I classify myself as a Birds fan.  However, my brothers grew up following the Redskins at our house on Iroquois Drive (Irony on Indians/Redskins) because of my dad posted up in his arm-chair on Sunday afternoons watching his team.  Steve, my Redskins raging brother, introduced  Gibbs as a potential middle name on the table because of legendary former Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs.  I assume Katie suggested Bennett and wah-la! , an angel was named, a compromise was created despite ardent team affiliations.

Katie and Steve, proud parentals to brand new Baby Bennett Gibbs

Grandpa (Jimbo, my dad) and Bennett

It’s an oddity to see your kid have a kid, isn’t it Bernie?”My dad asked Katie’s father while I was on the phone with him tonight.

I asked my dad, “Hey, I know a lot of energy and chaos is  going on in that hospital room and waiting room right now, but for selfish reasons, can you ask the proud parents if they will throw me a bone with my photographic requests?”  “Speak English, Jess.  What do you want?”  “Can you send me a picture of Katie and Steve high-5’ing over baby Bennett??”

Present: Victorious looking Tiger First Pump. A tad bit unsafe, but can be done with a baby if modified.

Laughter in the background, but he agreed to try his best.  And then I said, “Wait, one more request!

Can you send me a picture of Steve Tiger first pumping while holding baby Bennett?”  Avid golfer Jim cackled.  “Good thought. We will try.”  Today was a heavenly victory, first pump worthy, for both teams, the Kraus’s and the Roenicks,  the Ravens and the Skins, now that Bennett Gibbs Roenick has landed on Earth for the “W,”  the World and the Win.

Dear Bennett, I love you without even meeting you. I cannot wait to meet you, kiss you, hug you and play with you. Make good choices and keep fighting the good fight, bro. Love, Aunt Jesska Photo by: Uncle Slick


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I was born and raised in Westminster, Md. I attended the University of Maryland and met some of the greatest people to hit this Earth. Last fall 2010, I moved to city to be reunited with my lover, the city of San Diego. This blog is centered around my San Diegan life with strong hues of my Maryland roots, along with written trapses of past experiences, current perspectives, and my anything but opaque future. It's plethora of my travels, takes, triala and tribulations including social media resources, real life adventures I've had with family and friends, and thought provoking reflections will be written my moi and read by my loved. Thanks for delving into my appreciative life.
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