“I love love.”- A tribute to guys who roast us girls

Words cannot describe how insanely hard I die laughing watching these guys 100 percent of the time, every time.  I saw it I think last winter and my girlfriends and I have been quoting it religiously ever since.  Some of it, being stupid girls ourselves, has already fallen from our lips before.  

These guys really nailed the essence of girl talk.  Girls boast about their adorable Target (use the French pronunciation though please-be cultured!) purchases,

Target’s Fall Fashion that girls always sweat

chicks reluctantly can’t take compliments about their bodies, and broads use constant abbrevs (abbreviation for abbreviation) in any light fare conversation (“totes” being short for totally and “dramatic as H” short for hell).  In addition, using SMS (social media systems) in live conversation has become trendy.  “#Sorryforpartying” and “#SorryImnotsorry” are familiar phrases derived from great talesoff Twitter and Texts from Last Night.

Neon Night in Newport Beach, Orange County, California. Aren't you loving the love in this photo?

Like senior citizens and Asians, broads can be disastrous behind the wheel when it comes to parallel parking.  My guy friends here have bought me drinks taking the odds that I’m not great at parallel parking.  Thankfully, because of free street parking in San Diego, I’ve nailed that machinery art form, but I know that is a rarity and these humorous guys bring that chick weakness to the surface.

Sam and Lauren, die hard Penn State fans and two of my best girlfriends, in Vegas at 7am July 2011

My friend Sam and I had that exact conversation about Lauren Conrad’s book. Though I still haven’t read it or returned it to back to Sam, but she really did praise the fact that LC wrote this book solely on her own, no editor.  And oh boy, all girls really do know where they were during 1. 9-11 and 2. when Marissa Cooper died (The OC reference). It’s awful-we know. My girlfriend  Lauren and I always bust this line out of our back pocket seeing as we are an hour south of Orange County.

Rachel McAdams character, Regina George, in the movie Mean Girls

Plus, a little Mean Girls action was weaved in with the fetch socks comment.  Recently, I Facebook status’d something about Hurricane Irene being a bigger b**ch than Regina George and many people iliked that status knowing Regina’s character in Mean Girls.

Broads sometimes date a challenge because they think they can change a bro into something better, so the project line was pretty great too.  Foolishly, many relationships die because girls cannot successfully change their guy into what they want.  Many sets of friends have that one girlfriend who is in a relationship defined by chronic break-ups and make-ups. As these girls point out, all girlfriends think that no guy is genuinely romantic- it takes a lot of effort and brain movement to craft something romantic. And generally speaking, girls naturally want a boyfriend, so one of them b*itching about being single and having all the other lovers around him leaving him in the single dust is rather commonplace in a lot of best girl friends dynamics and probably bro dynamics since they are mourning the loss of a wing man.  Despite not being bitter like this guy, a recent single of 4 weeks, I’ve been the token single chick for awhile now and in three sets of my friends: The Clones (HS girlfriends),

Down-to-Earth High girlfriends. I love hearing their love stories via email.

the Down-to-Earth high school girlfriends, and my college girlfriends.  After I left my college friends in Arlington last month when I went home for a Clone

The first Clone Wedding August 2011

My college girlfriends. 7 of the 10 of us are in serious relationships and I love their lovers who are all as sweet as pie.

wedding, Kait, Colleen and I high-fived as I bid them adieu. Kaitsaid, “Us single girls, we three of our 10 girlfriends, gotta stick together!” We laughed in slight self pity, more humor and

James Cameron, the human cat. I had a short stunt this summer of being a crazy cat lady and temporarily loving a pet for the first time.

I made some joke about growing old with my cat, James Cameron.

But above all, I love love.  My SD girlfriends especially (and my MD girls have picked up on it too as of late through our email threads)  and I use that sentence and variations multiple times each day.  For example, when creeping on the love between Michelle Money and Graham on the Bachelor Pad on Monday night, pretty sure we all agreed, “We loved their love.”  We might not be in it, but we still love that noun and love seeing it.  Plus, we constantly reassure ourselves that being poor in your 20s is “trendy” like going g-free because of this video.  Thanks guys.  I probably get dumber, but simultaneously get happier every time I watch this video.  Below is the first video by these bros, which isn’t as funny in my opinion though others beg to differ.

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