Ode to Jimbo (a 6-months early surprise birthday party poem)

The birthday Patriot, Jim-May 2011

The following is a lil poem diddy I wrote for my PHENOMENAL father, Jimmy, for his Memorial Day Surprise Birthday Party, when I was last home.  In my hay day of middle and high school, I busted out poems all the time with the help of my handy, dandy Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary I got at a third grade book fair (ya, remember those?!?  I bought many an poster and bookmark there!).  I even got a few poems published (I know how lame I sound), so I retreated to my youth and created this for mi padre.  

luv u!

Saw this driving during my 1st week living in PB. From me in CA, to you in MD

End note: I will blog about my dad and some great tales in the near future as well, just as I did for my mom and mother’s day.

Thank you for grilling the meat at your own party.

By the way, the burgers are great and hearty.

Jimbo and his young Jimmy boy Cake for his 60th Semi-surprised Birthday party on Memorial Day, 2011.

I know it’s a bit silly to celebrate 6 months early.

But it’s cool because you are nearly 60 and still burly.

Thanks for being the best Dad to us alive.

We’ve all learned so much from you and thrived.

You are saving our country with your involvement in politics

While still being intelligent and funny in your antics.

The Silver Fox is a local watering hole in my San Diego town that stays open til 6am despite being a pretty dead (but i love it) dive bar. Photo by Rachel Graham.

I’ve told you for years you are a silver fox.

Your humorous ability to light up a room really rocks.

At nearly age 60, you are aging like fine wine.

Steve, Katie, Slick and I are happy to say as our Dad you are all mine.

You’re a heck of a golfer in my eyes at least.

Anyone who can crush it 250 is a beast.

Sizing up the Wakefield Valley hole before crushing it 250 duh.

Mom and you beat up ballroom dance.

Your class resurrected Phil Collins and Elton John music by chance.

You have the smallest pallet I’ve ever met.

Chicken fingers, burgers, or steak is all you will ever restaurant get.

While I’m home I’m trying to turn off every light.

I finally get that if I’m not using it, it shouldn’t be bright…

On long car rides you can be a Bathroom Nazi.

Dad and I at our favorito fontana en Italia, the Fontana de Trevi in Roma-January 2008

But then in Italia, you were so polite saying “grazie!”

Our 3,000 mile journey to San Diego was an amazing road trip!

Dad driving, singing, blue-toothing, and eating inside the CRV in the middle of hurricane terrority (Kasas probably)-October 2010

The days you do expand your pallet you order a French dip.

McD’s, which you should have stock in, has your favorite “freedom” fry.

You’ve always been a nickname kind of guy.

Jonathan looked like a mischievous trip.

So you opted to name our Persian-looking son Slick.

Our darn good Dad and his stellar spawn, Steve, Katie, Me, Slick, and the Silver Fox himself. June 2011. Notice proud parents Katie and Steve's tees!

Steve couldn’t stop from hitting objects with a bat.

So you gave him the infamous alias of Wack.

Being a pumpkin thrice for Halloween was my funk.

So you crowned me with the name of Punk.

Dad cleans up well. Looking draper at Steve's wedding, October 20, 2007, at the Sheraton Hotel in Towson, Md.

“Rosie, my Love!” you call Mom since she’s prettier than any other flower.

You surely melt under her innocence and power.

Jimbo- you really are a classy guy.

You made it really hard to say our roommate goodbye

Thanks again or being the greatest person and Dad to us you could be.

With God as your Savior, the Truth will set you free.


About jroenick

I was born and raised in Westminster, Md. I attended the University of Maryland and met some of the greatest people to hit this Earth. Last fall 2010, I moved to city to be reunited with my lover, the city of San Diego. This blog is centered around my San Diegan life with strong hues of my Maryland roots, along with written trapses of past experiences, current perspectives, and my anything but opaque future. It's plethora of my travels, takes, triala and tribulations including social media resources, real life adventures I've had with family and friends, and thought provoking reflections will be written my moi and read by my loved. Thanks for delving into my appreciative life.
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3 Responses to Ode to Jimbo (a 6-months early surprise birthday party poem)

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  2. royaume says:

    I stumbled on your blog on http://serenelyeccentricjessica.

    wordpress.com/2011/07/28/ode-to-jimbo-a-6-months-early-surprise-birthday-party-poem/ and I’m so grateful I did. It’s as if you
    read my mind. You seem to know a lot regarding this, like you
    wrote a textbook on it or something like that.
    I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog.
    I will most definitely be back.

    • jroenick says:

      Hello! Thanks for your comment. I apologize for the delay. Life has just got too fun, so Ive been out of blogging, but I am baaaack. Love your love very much! Hope you keep reading and liking! It sincerely means a lot to me as I am still learning. xx -Jessica

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